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David Lancelle is an NYC based composer/lyricist and alum of NYU’s Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program. His work has been performed in Chicago, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, and New York, and his musical, The Glass Girl—with book and lyrics by Marina Toft—was workshopped at NYU Tisch this summer. Last summer, he and Marina submitted The Glass Girl, and were finalists in the New Voices Project with New Musicals Inc. & Disney Imagineering. 

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Milwaukee, USA

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Musical Theatre, Indie, Alternative


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Marina Toft, Katie O'Neil, & more



The Glass Girl is a charming magic-infused coming-of-age story with a lush score, set in a quasi 1950’s seaside town, where local legend says that if lightning strikes a sea-glass beach, it will create a person w/ sea-glass bones.


Adeline is one such girl, who is discovered one morning by a reclusive lighthouse-keeper named Catherine.


As Adeline grows up, her excitement for life leads her to pursue dance, and meanwhile, Catherine struggles to accept her daughter' need for independence. When an accident endangers Adeline’s life, Catherine realizes that, in order for her daughter to heal, Catherine must confront her own fears and her own fragility, & embrace the same reckless optimism as her daughter.

ARtwork by Patrick Thompson

Southern Boy

Southern Boy

The Qualms

The Qualms

Year of the Giants

Year of the Giants






Year of the Giants

This song was a response to "What are your hopes for the new year?"

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